Criminal Law Reform Now Network

Launched in 2017, the mission of the Criminal Law Reform Now Network (CLRN Network) is to facilitate collaboration between academics and other legal experts to gather and disseminate comprehensible proposals for criminal law reform to the wider community. We include members of the public and mainstream media as well as legal professionals, police, policymakers and politicians. Our proposals might require legislation but we do not restrict ourselves to such projects. Reforms which public bodies such as the Home Office, Police or CPS can bring about by internal policies interest us, as do reforms which require the support of some of the judiciary, bearing in mind the proper judicial constraints on law making. We are ready to consult with and make suggestions to anyone who has the power to bring about reform.


We are grateful to have received funding for our network and individual projects through the AHRC (Network Grant); the University of Sussex; the University of Birmingham and the University of Cambridge.   


Our projects focus on:

1) The Computer Misuse Act 1990 - Report Published (2020)

2) The system of Private Prosecutions

3) Consent and Deception

4) The Regulation of Drugs


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01 Feb 21


Private Prosecutions Project - Scrutiny Symposium


Many thanks to all those attending this session, and particularly to our speakers. Your insights are greatly appreciated and will continue to inform the project. Whether you attended the symposium or not, we continue to welcome any inputs - please email Dr Laura Noszlopy (Birmingham Law School) <>.


30 Nov 20


Private Prosecutions Project - Scrutiny Symposium


We are pleased to confirm that following various Covid-related delays, the scrutiny symposium for the Private Prosecutions Project will take place online 2-6pm on Friday 29th January 2021. The symposium will allow roundtable discussion of key policy recommendations within the report, as well as discussion of the final write-up and editing stages of the project. If you are interested in knowing more and/or attending, please email Dr Laura Noszlopy (Birmingham Law School) <>. 


23 Nov 20


Deception and Sexual Consent - Project Launch


We were very happy to launch the Deception and Sexual Consent Project today with a web-seminar hosted by project lead Paul Jarvis and guest speaker Sandra Paul. The project will centre around a collection of brief individual policy-focused proposals relating to sexual consent and deception, commissioned by the Network and representing a variety of academic and practitioner responses. To discuss providing such a proposal, please contact Paul Jarvis ( and/or John Child ( before the 1st December 2020. These proposals will form the basis of a consultation document, to be launched in autumn 2021; followed by a report in 2022.